Ultimate Guide To Find The Best Active wear For Women: A Guide by Ziinya

Exercise or workout is a fascinating way to connect with your body and sync your mind and soul. It brings you happiness by making you feel healthy, attractive, fitter and powerful. Gym attire speaks volumes about your personality and is one factor that plays a vital role in making you feel alluring, aesthetically appealing, and empowering. That is why the right choice of workout attire is imperative. This article provides an ultimate guide for selecting the right active wear for women, keeping aesthetics and functionality in mind. Our products have a vast collection of activewear for girls that will make you more confident and comfortable at the same time. Read till the end we will explain to you what you must remember while selecting active wear.


Let's Start To Find The Best Active Wear For Women

1.  Choose The Right Leggings

Choosing the right pair of pants or leggings for your workouts is important. The choice can differ based on your liking, comfort, season and the type of workout you will do. However, you must invest in some good basics, e.g., in our basic to-go leggings, we also have grey and brown tight-fit as per your requirements. We have a collection of shorts, and joggers from which you can select based on your preferences. Keep a workout routine in your mind while choosing the pants, e.g., if you mostly do cycling or spinning, then don't go for loose fit options, and you can choose from our basics to-go leggings collection. However, if you are going for Pilates, you can opt for our basic joggers. In summer, you can wear our boyfriend shorts  instead of leggings.

2.   Choose The Right Tops For Exercise.

A rightly fit t-shirt or bra is important and can enhance the overall look. For t-shirts, it's always better to choose the fitting than following the standard sizes. Your top should neither be too loose nor too tight. In either case, it will cause you discomfort. In our collection, we have basic-to-go t-shirts in brown and grey colours. If you prefer a bra-only gym look with leggings, our products include basic pink, white and black bras. Alternatively, you can choose from our Kami bra collection in lilac, lemon, and black to enhance your look and feel more attractive and fashionable.

3.   Investing In The Right Fabric

There are many things one must consider before selecting the fabric for your activewear. Some fabrics tend to absorb sweat, and other fabrics are highly breathable. Try choosing breathable fabrics and keeping a balanced temperature for your body. For leggings, go for stretchable material, which will be more helpful in your activities. Such materials also adjust your body temperature according to the weather. Some people go for cotton fabric, but this activewear traps moisture and can bring discomfort if they get see-through. Our products, including leggings, tank tops, and t-shirts, are breathable and stretchable. The only key is to find the fabric that feels comfortable on your skin and enables you with a range of exercises like yoga.

4.   Choose The Right Fit Activewear

The right fit of activewear for women  is equally important, though it depends highly on personal preferences. So there is no universal rule for selecting the right fit activewear. If you like wearing your activewear in layers, try choosing the tight fit for the inner layer. Avoid loose fit if you are going for a run or cycling. However, for yoga, you can consider going for stretchy fabrics. Remember not to choose clothing that hinders your activity or motion.

5.   Consider The Season While Shopping

Usually, gyms have a stable temperature, but sometimes, you must go for outdoor activities or workouts. For warm seasons, choose fabrics and materials that are breathable. In winter, it's a good idea to have a layering style of clothing in which you can add or remove a layer of clothing based on the temperature. We offer many useful items in the winter and summer seasons. We also have a variety of jackets which can be added as an extra layer to your activewear.


Head to ziinya.com to find the best and most appropriate variety of activewear for women, including a range of workout pants/leggings/shorts, t-shirts, sports bras, bodysuits and jackets.

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